Are You Eating Enough Good Fats? A Buttery Review of Melt Organic Spread

melt organic spread

For years, we've been trained to stay away from fat for our health. After all, you'd think that eating fat makes you fat (I still hate that word as a descriptor...). But the nutrition and health community has finally learned through research that that simply isn't true. In fact, the right kinds of …
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Stick to Fashion, Karl

I was a bit annoyed recently when I saw Chanel bigwig Karl Lagerfeld's comments on the singer Adele being "a little too fat." If you haven't been keeping track, he made the comments about the singing sensation before removing his foot from his mouth, apologizing and trying to make it right. Now, …
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What Happens to Unused Muscle? Does It Turn into Fat?

unused muscle

We've heard a lot of readers ask—and read a lot of misinformation on the web—about the fate of unused muscle. Does unused muscle turn to fat? Does it just go away? Does it leave weaker or stronger than before? Well, we recently got this good info from the fitness experts at Life Fitness. Read on to …
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