FBG Birthday Week

Our Most Exciting Post EVER: Pre-Order The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet!


This might possibly---okay, definitely---be the most amazing and exciting post we've ever written on FBG. Because Erin and I finally get to confess a secret we've been keeping from you, our dear readers since last fall: We have written an FBG book! Based on all of our principles and experiences and …
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FBG 5-Year Birthday Friday Giveaway: 5 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Prize Packs!


Did you know: UV exposure increases by about 33 percent  for every 20 percent ozone layer loss? And that the end result is about 33 percent more skin cancers?! Um, not cool. But what is cool is today's Five-Year Birthday Week giveaway! As we are a blog ambassador for Neutrogena, they have …
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How Has FBG Changed YOUR Life? With Special Giveaway!


All this week for our five-year birthday bash, each FBG has shared how her life has changed by being a Fit Bottomed Girl. And instead of us all answering another Question of the Week, this time we want to turn the question that we've all been answering to you: How has FBG changed your life? Tell …
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FBG 5-Year Birthday Thursday Giveaway: A Pair of Brooks Running Shoes!

Chose your own adventure, by choosing your Pure Project shoe!

Remember those cool Choose Your Own Adventure books? We do, and we were obsessed with them. Which is why we're so excited about today's Five-Year Birthday Week giveaway courtesy of the amazing Brooks Running---it's kind of like those books! We give you a few parameters, you make a decision and then …
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5-Minute Workouts, Healthy Recipes and Sanity Savers!

High-fives all around for easy five-minute workouts and healthy solutions! Credit:  Michael Dunn~!

May the Five-Year Birthday celebration continue! This time with another kindergarten/No. 5-obsessed approach to all things healthy living. "I don't have time" is the top reason many say they have trouble getting and staying healthy, but we know from experience that just five minutes can do wonders. …
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How Being a Fit Bottomed Girl Has Changed Kristen’s Life

Sometimes I still wear it to the door to greet people. SO WHAT.

I grew up learning that bragging was bad. If you do something really, really well, it will be noticed and acknowledged, but you should never acknowledge your own accomplishments. It's impolite. I get that, but since joining the Fit Bottomed Girl crew, I've learned that everything is good in …
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FBG 5-Year Birthday Wednesday Giveaway: 5 Cases of Beanitos!

If you win, you'll crunch a whole case of these!

First it was Muscle Ropes, and then it was a New Beginnings Combo pack from Linda LaRue. And today? Well, get ready to crunch because we've got a Beanitos giveaway for our Five-Year Birthday Week! That's right; we're giving five (five!) lucky U.S. readers the chance to win a whole case of Beanitos' …
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Fun Playground Workout: Exercise Like You’re Five Again


Ever done a playground workout? Well, if you haven't, it's about time you tried. And if you have, well, it's time you tried this playground workout! Courtesy of the lovely and talented (and fit!) Cassey Ho of Blogilates in celebration of our five-year birthday bash, she's sharing this …
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