Reader Success Story: Getting Healthy Inside and Out


This reader success story by Brooke Savage is a part of You Can Do It Week. Read all of the motivating and inspiring posts here! And remember, if they can do it, so can YOU! I can still remember my first “fat” picture that was taken at my sister’s high school graduation four years ago. I was …
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Don’t Forget: Last Chance to Register for Our Break Up With the Scale Program

We can help you love a truly healthy lifestyle.

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday morning we will kick off our new four-week online interactive program that helps ladies like you ditch the diet and weight drama and tap into your true motivation to live a healthy lifestyle for good. If you've been yo-yo dieting and/or just can't seem to reach …
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Feel Good in Your Own Skin, No Matter the Number on the Scale

Do you feel happy and confident in your own body? Are you worried about what you look like? Credit: lululemon athletica

It's something we say on FBG all the time: You are more than the number on the scale. But what if you can't seem to get away from feeling like that number is so important? Or if you can't imagine a day without stepping on it to see if you're going to have a good day (read: a lower number that you …
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Break Up With the Scale Once and for All!


Do you feel like the woman above? The one who steps on the scale and either has her day made or totally ruined by a silly number? Are you obsessed with calorie counting? Put all of your self-worth in the number in your jeans? Ladies, it's time to break up with the scale and the diet drama and …
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Starting Living Your Fit Bottomed Life This Sunday!


We've been talking about it for months and now it's finally almost here: our FBG Life Winter Weight-Loss Program! Classes start this Sunday morning (they'll usually be held in the evenings, but the darn The Biggest Loser premiere caused us to push it up a few hours), and we couldn't be more …
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How to Get Back on Track After the Holidays


Did you overdo it a bit this holiday season? No worries! Today is a new day, and you're about to have a whole New Year to start afresh with! So take our advice: Do not---we repeat---do not beat yourself up. Beating yourself up for something that's already done is a total waste of time. Instead, …
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5 Tips to Find Your Happy Weight

Do you feel good in your own skin? Credit: Scarleth White

Ever heard of your "happy weight?" That magical number on the scale where your body settles after living a healthy lifestyle that's perfect for you? Well, it exists and we want to help get you there. See, the number on the scale isn't really that important. Instead it's about the feeling you have …
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Do You Love Your Life and Body? Just a Few Days Left to Save Big on FBG Life!

Are you as happy and thrilled as these ladies are? You can be when living the FBG Life! Credit: lululemon athletica

Are you totally stoked about your life? Do you want to be healthier? Wish you made better food choices that fuel you? Want to be psyched about exercise instead of dreading it? Laugh often and stop obsessing about that damn number on the scale? This is what FBG Life is all about! And as we announced …
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