Chew on This Book: Smart Chefs Stay Slim


"Never trust a skinny chef." I've heard that phrase a lot in the food world (and from FBG Tish's wise mom). But as we're rounding out our special foodie coverage for Fit Bottomed Eats Week—a week in which we're celebrating all things nutritous—we want to turn that phrase on its head a bit. Okay, …
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Ding Dong! Organic Produce Delivery From The Fruit Guys!

organic produce

Isn't it a little uncanny and a lot strange how sometimes the universe provides for your exact needs precisely when you need it? This isn’t the first time I’ve had something I genuinely needed land on my doorstep for a review, but this is the time when I truly needed it most! Let me set the …
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Prescott Frost Hot Dogs: All Other Dogs Pale in Comparison

prescott frost

Before we begin, let me just set a goal...a goal to not make one single wiener joke. NOT ONE! We are talking about hot dogs after all...and not just any hot dogs. Organic, grass-fed beef-only hot dogs that come from the Nebraska ranch of one of the descendants of famous poet Robert Frost, Prescott …
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8 Ways to (Literally) Spice Up Your Healthy Breakfast


Aren't we all looking for a healthy fast breakfast? One that fills us up yet is quick to prepare? Well, have no fear, tips are here! For our first-annual Fit Bottomed Eats Week, McCormick is sharing some of its favorite healthy and fast breakfast ideas that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and …
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What I Ate for a Day: All the Food. All of It.

Like you could've resisted. Please.

In celebration of our first-ever Fit Bottomed Eats Week, each FBG is blogging about what she ate for a day. Join along on all of our culinary adventures—or lack thereof—here!  In what I can only describe as a stroke of sheer genius, I decided to choose the first day of summer swim class to …
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