Fit Tip Friday: How to Wash Your Workout Clothes So They Last


I've gone on and on about my love for lululemon gear. I'll pounce around in it all day long, much to the chagrin of my friends. "It's too expensive!" they all grumble back at me, but I choose my items carefully. I only purchase gear from there that I know I can't get anywhere else. I get pieces that …
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Fit Tip Friday: Venus Williams Talks Workouts and Hair


Last week we showed you Tony Horton's awe-inspiring Super Burpee (and the crowd goes wild...ahhh!!!), and today we have even more video fun from the Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo. And this one features THE Venus Williams. (Love her!) She was seriously so awesome in person. Sweet, a little shy and very …
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Fit Tip Friday: Try Tony Horton’s Super Burpee

Tony Horton's Super Burpee is ridic!

Anyone remember when we mentioned in one of our Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo recap posts that THE Mr. Tony Horton had shown us a new crazy burpee that had us in total and complete awe? Well, we have cinematic proof. Or, you know, shaky iPhone video. Named by Tony as the official "Super Burpee," it's …
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Fit Tip Friday: How to Run With Your Dog

FBG Kristen with Rudi and Hollie, who are always ready to run!

For Fit Bottomed Pets’ Week, we've talked a lot about getting active with your pet. And, obviously, running is a fabulous way for both you and your four-legged one to get some exercise. But how much can---and should---your dog run? Is there anything you should do to warm them up? Or make sure that …
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Friday Fit Tip: A Nutrition Tip From Our New Teen Girls’ Fitness Book!

This tip comes from our new teen fitness book, but it applies to all ages!

For today's Friday Fit Tip, we thought it might be fun to do something from our new teen fitness book: The Girl's Guide to Fitting in Fitness. We're super proud to have created a resource for teen girls that has sane, liveable and fun advice in it---and we want to keep sharing the love! So today's …
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Fit Tip Friday: An Easy Way to Keep Those Workout Headbands On

Declaring victory on getting a workout headband to stay in place!

We've been chatting a lot about workout headbands lately. First, we reviewed these hair ties and headbands for workouts. And then we put things to a poll to see if you had trouble with keeping workout headbands on your head, too. Where, I learned that I am by no means the only one who has trouble …
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Fit Tip Friday: Make a Healthy Living Dream Board

Get healthier and happier by making a healthy living dream board!

Every year around my birthday, I make a healthy living dream board. A mix of fitness goals, personal dreams and just overall being-my-best kind of stuff, it's a fun and creative endeavor that helps me focus and visualize my best possible life. Since FBG is all about you doing pretty much …
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Fit Tip Friday: A Good Way to Dodge the Flu Bug

Follow this tip, and you can dance like Tish!

It seems like everyone and their sick dog is talking about this year's dreadful flu season. Even Ellen Degeneres won't hug you unless you've gotten your shot or confirmed you're germ free! It's dreadful, contagious as a mother trucker, and it makes working out almost next to impossible. That's a …
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