Mizzou Student Recreation Complex: The Coolest of the Cool

A black-lit Spin room? Yeah, that's awesome sauce. Credit: MU Student Recreation Complex

As part of Fit Bottomed College Week, we're highlighting a few of the coolest college rec and fitness centers across the country!  Yes, I went to the University of Missouri. And, yes, I did teach classes at the MU Student Recreation Complex. But since graduating in 2003, that nice rec that I …
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How the Fitness Industry Could Suck Less and Help Newbies More

My bud Leah over at Mamavation recently posed an interesting question out into the web-o-sphere: What is wrong with the health/fitness industry and what can be changed? And, naturally, I had an opinion on the matter. (Me? No way!) As a certified member of the fitness community and a former …
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5 Dirty Secrets about Your Workouts (And How to Stay Safe!)

We normally think of a health club or the gym as a healthy place to be. After all, working out boosts your immune system, burns calories, builds strength and helps you feel great! You may not have thought about it, but just like any public place, your gym can be a breeding ground for germs, dirt and …
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