Exercise for Extroverts: Tips and Tricks

running group

As I mentioned in yesterday's post about exercising as an introvert, the introvert/extrovert discussion is getting a lot of play, and I feel like it's all for the better. Things can only improve when we have a better understanding of ourselves and each other, right? (And if you're interested in …
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4 Tips to Commit to Being Fit


Want to make sure your New Year's resolutions make it past January? Ready to make fitness a habit and a priority not just a to-do that'll never get checked off? If so, we have the tips for you this New Year New Rear Week! These come from the fit experts at Life Fitness, who make super rad exercise …
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Catching the Fitness Bug: Always an Athlete

Yep, I was once a tiny dancer. Who towered over all the other tiny dancers by, like, a foot.

It's a New Year and time for a new Question of the Week! This time each FBG is answering the somewhat long-winded question: "When did you catch the fitness bug where it went from occasional 'I should do this' to the promised land of loving workouts and 'I want to do this?'" Sometimes, I catch …
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