3 Tips to Staying Injury-Free in CrossFit


Today's CrossFit tips post is from Estelle Townshend, creator of Strong in a Thong and Luminate Retreat. If you're getting into CrossFit, these tips about how to stay injury-free are a must-read! So you’ve heard about CrossFit. You’ve seen awesome, sexy photos of women working out with six packs …
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3 Flexibility Tools to Boost Your Post-Workout Recovery


Could your flexibility use a boost? Want to recover faster from workouts? Looking to soothe tired or sore muscles with something other than a foam roller? Then this post is for you! We recently tried three flexibility tools that can help you do all that. Yes, they may hurt a little, but it's the …
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Yoga Tune Up: The Day I Heard A Lot of Really Funny Ball Puns

thumb nail yoga tune up

Not to pull an Oprah and sound super hippity dippity, but I truly believe the universe watches out for us. Whenever we're getting to a scary point of sheer breakdown, ugly hot mess-ness, the universe steps in and throws us bones. Have you ever noticed that? Emotional storms of crazy hit, and then …
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The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge: Get Bendy (in All Areas of Your Life)


How flexible are you? And we don't just mean if you can touch your toes or not. While physical flexibility is important, so is flexibility in life. When you're flexible in all areas of your life you can flow better with what the day gives you, you can create meaning for yourself, you can roll with …
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Hurts So Good: Going on The GRID Foam Roller


Foam rollers. Oh, how we love 'em --- and love to hate 'em. Talk about a complicated relationship: they hurt like a mo-fo for a few minutes and then --- bam! --- they make you and your muscles feel like a new person. Like an intense deep tissue massage that you can give yourself, foam rollers are …
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3 Foam Roller Exercises to Try


We get a lot of questions about foam rollers: what are they, which one should I buy, what exercises can I do? So when we got these tips from Life Fitness with all that and more, we knew that we had to share them for New Year New Rear Week! So let's get rolling. Har har! Everything You Wanted to …
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Giving Gumby a Run for his Money with Donna Flagg’s Lastics DVD

Stretch it out. Credit: lululemon athletica

I’m not the biggest person on stretching—gasp! How can that be true? It’s not that I don’t believe stretching is important, but when I only have an hour to get in and out of the gym, I’d rather spend my time doing one last lift than seeing how far I can stretch. With that said, I always know when …
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How Wrong Is It To Laugh at the Soreness of Others?

feet toes

So as a part of the new gym-member experience, my husband and I both received free fit assessments. The assessment hits all of the key fitness criteria: strength, cardio, flexibility, and you also get weighed and have your body fat measured. All good things to know at the start of a fitness journey, …
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