5 Ways to Maintain Your Long-Distance Fit Friendships


A few months ago, I moved to Salt Lake City. Though I was glad to get out of the Phoenix heat, I wasn’t so okay with leaving behind my circle of friends. In Arizona, I was only one text message away from a workout buddy; here in Utah, my contacts list is empty. I’ve tried --- and, if I must be …
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Grab Your BFF and Work Out to This Playlist


We've all been there. You are in the middle of having a rotten day and just one call with your BFF will turn your mood around. All of us at Fit Bottomed Girls know the importance of friendships, so today’s playlist for Best Fit Friends Week is devoted to all of the best of the best people in the …
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Let’s Be Friends: It’s Second-Annual Best Fit Friends Week!


We did it last year and it's baaack ... BFF Week --- also known as Best Fit Friends Week --- is on and popping! For the next week, feel the love with us as we celebrate everything about fit friendships. Having a healthy support system makes being fit so much easier --- not to mention that fit …
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We Want to Feature Your BFF (Best Fit Friend) Stories!


Good friends are awesome. They lift you up. They hear you out. They get you. They laugh with you. They celebrate with you. They pick you up. Sometimes, they even help you get through a freakin' marathon. For that reason and SO many more, we are excitedly preparing for our second-annual BFF (Best Fit …
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The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge: Be a Workout Buddy! (And Win!)


This whole week we've been celebrating BFFs (Best Fit Friends), so naturally today's #FBGAntiDiet Challenge is to ... be a workout buddy! Of course. And, by now, from all of our posts and our new book, hopefully you're really feeling the friend love. And hopefully you're also motivated to …
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