Exercise for Extroverts: Tips and Tricks

running group

As I mentioned in yesterday's post about exercising as an introvert, the introvert/extrovert discussion is getting a lot of play, and I feel like it's all for the better. Things can only improve when we have a better understanding of ourselves and each other, right? (And if you're interested in …
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Workout I Did: Cardio Resistance Training with Jenn!


Jenn came to visit recently before her Brooks Running event, and we opted for a totally FBG-afied Sunday morning at the gym. I was getting over my post-Tough Mudder illness, so after a few days away from the gym, I expected a group class to kick my butt. And kick it did! We opted out of Zumba, …
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My Best Friend May Kill Me For Writing This (And Sharing This Photo)


I first met Meghan 11 years ago, on her first day of her freshman year of college. As an older, wiser, and way cooler sophomore, I took the kid under my wing and did what any role model would do: I showed her where she could buy cheap cigarettes and beer without getting her ID checked. We …
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