Richard Simmons Has a Music Video (And It’s Awesome)


A couple of months ago on Twitter, we were jabbering about our love of Richard Simmons. We love this workout DVD, this appearance and pretty much anything ol' Richard does. He's just himself --- always, no matter what --- and we love that. (Not to mention that he's inspired SO MANY to get healthy …
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Starbucks Drake Hands, FBG-Style


You know the Starbucks Drake Hands video that has been everywhere these days? (If not, here you go.) Well, we thought it might be fun to make one --- each with our very own Fit Bottomed twist. Prepare to be "seduced" with healthiness, ya'll ... If you were to seduce someone with fitness, how …
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It’s Dancing … It’s Walking … It’s Dance Walking!


We like walking. We like dancing. So dance walking? Oh, yeah, we're totally in. (And, side note: Seems way more natural than than Prancercise ...) We know that this video is funny, but seriously, dance walking looks like a blast! Who wants to try it with us?! We could dance walk the nation by …
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