Our Two Loves Combined: Chocolate-Coconut Granola Recipe

Thank you, Bobby Flay, for this tasty granola recipe!

It's well documented that we love chocolate and coconut. So when our new site Fit Bottomed Eats (check it out, what, what!) shared a Chocolate-Coconut Granola recipe earlier this month by one of our favorite celeb chefs Bobby Flay, ya'll knew we'd have to share it here, too, right? Right! A sweet …
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There’s a Food Called Cocomocorn (That’s Where You Wanna Go to Get Away From It All)


Beach Boys reference, anyone? Ever since I went to Jamaica, the song "Kokomo" has a lot more meaning for me—and this Cocomocorn from Cocomo Joe? Well, it reminds me of the song, both because the words sound the same and because there's a lot of coconut involved. Like, a lot. So, Koko...Coco...no …
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