Make This Healthy Halloween Recipe Tonight: Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Peppers

healthy halloween recipe

A couple of months ago, we got hipped to the coolest site: YumUniverse. A truly beautiful site, it's full of recipes, tips and all kinds of goodies that make plant-based eating super delicious and pretty. And today, on this spookiest of all holidays, we are honored that YumUniverse is sharing one …
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3 Tips to Keep That Halloween Sugar Consumption in Check

Know what you're really getting with that Halloween candy... Credit: Shauna Younge Dessert Tables

With Halloween coming up tomorrow, we wanted to share a few facts on the sweet stuff (or not-so sweet stuff): sugar. So read on as guest blogger Courtney Failla, a dietetic technician for and its calorie counter tool, fills us in on what we need to know before we trick or treat …
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FitLinks: Healthy Halloween Edition

Whether your Halloween is perfectly frightful or simply delightful, here are a few links to make it just a little bit healthier! Halloween treats that satisfy! —Fit Sugar The hilarious pros and cons of trick-or-treating. —AOL Healthy Living Seven uses for leftover Halloween candy that sound …
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How Many Calories Are in That Fun-Size Halloween Candy?


You know why the Halloween candy goes on sale well before Halloween, right? So that you buy it, eat it all and have to buy more to hand out! And you know how we FBGs feel—we're all for a treat now and again, and you'd think that a snack-sized candy bar would be a smart, simple way to get a quick …
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7 Gluten-Free Halloween Party Snacks for Kids (and Kidults!)


By Lacy J. Hansen for Whether you’re the parent of a child with gluten allergies, need to be conscious of other children or are just a kid at heart, there are several easy and fun gluten-free treats you can prepare that are festive and don't leave anyone feeling left out of the …
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