Ask the FBGs: Should I Correct People’s Form at the Gym?


Today we’re featuring an Ask the FBGs post, where readers like you ask the FBGs for advice. Nothing is off limits, although we do prefer that it’s fitness or nutrition related, so send your undying health questions to [email protected] You just might see them posted here in the …
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Gym Stereotypes: They’re Hilarious Because They’re True


Nobody wants to be "that guy" at the gym. And by "that guy," we mean one of these hilariously spot-on gym stereotypes from our buds at Dude Perfect. From The Screamer to The Gallon of Water Guy to Talkative Timmy, these gym stereotypes are funny because they're pretty much true. And, yes, they're …
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How’s Your Gym Etiquette?

gym etiquette header

Throughout the month of January and even into February, my Facebook feed is riddled with people sharing their workouts and, in many cases, sharing gripes about their time at the gym. I get it. The gym is a bit more crowded right now because people have chosen the start of the New Year to embrace …
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Workout I Did: A Quick Travel Workout You Can Do Anywhere (Leg Matrix!)


About a week before FBG Tish's wedding, I was in Los Angeles for another friends' wedding. (I know, I know --- how crazy and how much fun is that?!) They got married on a rooftop in LA, and it was damn glorious. For the wedding, we stayed at the The Los Angeles Athletic Club, which is part hotel and …
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Trying BLITZ at Reebok Sports Club/NY With Actor Stephen Lang of Avatar


For years, I have been curious to check out the super-fancy Reebok Sports Club/NY, which is up by Lincoln Center and (according to my sources) takes up six floors of space for an indoor pool, full-scale rock wall and a spa. So imagine my delight when I was invited to check out a brand-new class …
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7 Ways to Avoid Gym Germs


You’re headed to meet your girls at the gym for Zumba class. You can’t wait to be surrounded by hot tunes, good friends and...germs? It’s true---even the cleanest of gyms and health clubs might be harboring bacteria, viruses and other cooties. Sharing yoga mats, towels and gym equipment with …
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