Doing Things Right Or Just Doing Them: Thoughts on Tabata


I got some really interesting feedback recently when I wrote about doing Tabata workouts. You smart readers and commenters made some great points, so I wanted to delve into them a little bit. My first entry into Tabata was doing a workout we posted over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, which consisted of …
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Workout I Did: My First Tabata Workout


I've been seeing the word Tabata thrown around a lot lately. We covered it over on Fit Bottomed Mamas recently, and of course I couldn't just write about it. I had to try it out, especially because I never had before. For those not familiar, Tabata is a high-intensity interval workout where you …
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Workout I Did: Low-Impact Tabata in the Backyard


I love my gym. But sometimes, you get busy, can't make the WOD and have to get creative. Which is exactly what Ryan and I did on a random Saturday afternoon. I was still nursing the stress fracture in my foot at the time (update: I can now run a mile without pain or swelling --- hooray!), so we put …
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Get Results With High-Intensity Training and LES MILLS GRIT Classes


The following is a post sponsored by LES MILLS. For our sponsored post policy, click here. We are huge fans of high-intensity training (HIIT). Yes, it's hard --- and at times you feel like you can't breathe and simple tasks like counting to 10 become very, very hard --- but you get great results …
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Workout I Did: A Run-Happy-Is Earth-Day HIIT Session

Run happy!

Just a reminder that this is our new feature called Workout I Did. Today's is extra special and sponsored by Brooks Running. Read them all and feel the workout love here! Happy, happy Earth Day! To celebrate this holiday, I just had to get out for a run. But not just any ol' run---a HIIT run! …
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Turbo Fire Review: It’s All Fired Up


After my marathon, I needed something else to keep me going with my workouts. Jenn gave me the Turbo Fire DVDs, and I thought, "Hey, why not?" I thought it looked intense, but I was determined to tackle it (check out my progress, phase by phase here, here and here). Chalene Johnson, the …
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Hot Fitness Trends to Try in 2013

Intensity and sweat seem to be the name of the game for 2013! Credit: moreofavideoguy

Is it just us, or does there seem to be a new diet or fitness trend popping up every day? From the Atkins Diet and juice cleanses to CrossFit and P90X, keeping up with the latest fitness trends can be down right exhausting. So today, the girls at Flirty Girl Fitness have shared a few workouts to …
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