Make Juice, Then Make Yummy Recipes With the Juice Pulp!


Do you have a juicer? Ever wonder what the heck you should do with the extra juice pulp leftover from that delicious green juice you just made? Yeah, me, too! Which is why we had to share these two --- well, technically four (you'll see, here in a bit) recipes from Fit Bottomed Eats! They turn your …
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Sick of Plain Ol’ Hummus? Here Are a Bunch of New Flavor Flaves


The day that I got six containers of Tribe Hummus in the mail, I wasn't exactly sure what to do. How on earth would my family go through six containers of hummus? But as our tummies would have it, my family and I easily devoured all of the Tribe Hummus well before its expiration date! It helped …
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Betcha Can’t Eat Just One: Simply 7 Lentil and Hummus Chips

Simply 7

You know how Lay's has that saying, "Betcha can't eat just one?" Well, there's another contender for that slogan, and it's Simply 7 chips. They're downright addictive. Like, so addicting I've banned them from my cabinets because I apparently lose all self-control around them. (Hey, you have to know …
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Hummus and Ganush On the Go


You know what I love? Real food. Not the stuff with ingredients you can't pronounce or the unnatural flavors or the marketing claims that a food is "really good for you" (despite the fact that it's packed with sugar). Over the years, I've really cleaned up my eats and focused on a flexitarian diet …
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