Kristen’s Goals for 2014: A Major Departure

meditation hand

This week, as part of New Year New Rear Week, each FBG is sharing her healthy goals and resolutions for the year --- and the big reasons why they are what they are. Goals ... whys ... go! I like goals. I like them a whole lot. I even like the bad ones. Goals not only motivate me, but they let me …
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Chilling Out for Race Day


What is it about me and fall? The last two years, I've made big plans for my last tri of the year, and the last two years, I've ended up injured and not as well-trained as I'd planned. Last year, it was my back. This year, it was a mix of just not quite feeling the eye of the tiger, then screwing up …
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Don’t Just Face Aging — Embrace It!

triathlon running

Some people might be embarrassed to be passed by someone twice their age while biking or running, but not me. Every time I participate in a triathlon and I see an older man with a gray beard and a 65 or a 72 written on the back of his calf, I smile. When I'm running and I realize the woman I'm …
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My Best Race — It’s Not What You Think (Plus Bonus Haikus!)


It's You Can Do It Week here on FBG, so we thought it would be fun for each FBG to share a little something we overcame, conquered or faced --- plus a haiku (or two). Hopefully our stories inspire you to try something new, face fears and, generally, just GO FOR IT! Months ago, my virtual bud …
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How I Learned to Love Burpees (Seriously)


Is there a single exercise more dreaded that the burpee? I think not. Any time it shows up in a workout at my gym, you'll hear a collective GROAN. And a: "Ah, man. Burpees? I hate burpees!" (Which is part of the reason why this shirt really cracks me up.) And, I used to be in that groaning crowd. …
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Hurts So Good: Going on The GRID Foam Roller


Foam rollers. Oh, how we love 'em --- and love to hate 'em. Talk about a complicated relationship: they hurt like a mo-fo for a few minutes and then --- bam! --- they make you and your muscles feel like a new person. Like an intense deep tissue massage that you can give yourself, foam rollers are …
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