The Appetite Always Wins


Right now, I'm six or so weeks postpartum. I think I've got about 15 or 20 pounds to lose --- although I'm not sure because I'm avoiding the scale. (You'll see why in a minute.) Getting my post-baby body back has been about No. 2,309 on my list of priorities. The top five priorities are as …
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My Aha Moment About My Intuitive Eating and Exercising


Over on Fit Bottomed Mamas today, I'm sharing all the good, bad and downright gross first trimester symptoms I've had thus far in my pregnancy. So if you're into that sort of thing --- hot dogs, gas, frat boys --- check it out. But, over here I want to expand upon something I touched on at the end …
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Practice Mindful Eating: Stop, Breathe, Think and Eat (and a Raspberry Chia Pudding Recipe!)

Big Traveling Potluck

In case you missed the exciting news, it’s Guest Bloggers’ Week! And today Lisa Samuel and McKenzie Hall --- registered dietitians and nutritionists and co-founders of Nourish RDs --- are sharing some ways to learn to eat mindfully and a fabulous raspberry chia pudding recipe! YUM! How much …
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The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge: What Are You Really Hungry For?


Seeing that the Super Bowl is this weekend --- with all of its heavy snacking and sitting and commercial-watching --- we thought this week's #FBGAntiDiet motivational quote was particularly relevant ... (As always, feel free to share this image and post or pin wherever and however you’d …
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Intuitive Eating and Exercising Taught Me to Trust Myself


Hi, my name is Jenn, and I'm an intuitive eater. Have been for going on seven years. And it's done a lot for me. Like, everything for me. I've written here about how I found intuitive eating and how it changed my life, but recently, as intuitive eating has become more second-nature and normal for …
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You’ve Heard of Intuitive Eating, But What About Intuitive Exercise?

Over the last 10 years I've gone from regimented eater to intuitive-eating devotee. I've written about it before, but without consciously realizing it, I've also become an intuitive exerciser. Back in my pre-FBG days (oh, what a confusing, insecure time for me!), I'd eat when I wasn't hungry, not …
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The Dieter’s Paradox: Stereotype and Eat Mindfully (and Giveaway!)


Don't be fooled. Despite the fact that the word "diet" is in the title of The Dieter's Paradox: Why Dieting Makes Us Fat, this book might be the most un-diety of any diet book we've reviewed. A true research-lover's deep-dive into the waters of why we overeat, mindlessly eat and can't seem to stop …
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