Take Your Workout Tunes With You Everywhere


It's funny. Two years ago, I was ALL about the iPod when running. One year ago, the iShuffle and I were besties. But today, my go-to choice for tunes is my phone. As they say, times they are a-changing, and technology comes and goes faster than you can say: Drop and give me 10 burpees! (No, you …
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Our Top 10 Podcasts to Move and Groove To

healthy podcasts

I've always found the easiest way to stay motivated to push through your workout is to get your motivation WHILE you work out. Reading a magazine article or an inspirational Facebook quote before you hit the gym is great, but when you are in the thick of a workout or faced with a tempting slice of …
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What’s on Jenn’s Workout Playlist?

running workout playlist

All of the FBGs swear by high-energy tunes to make their workouts the best they can be. So today's Question of the Week is all about what's on the iPod. And no editing or censoring allowed... Although most of my workouts these days are done at The Fit Pit, I still manage to get in a run or two a …
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