Kansas City

Fusion Fly: Kicking off the FBG Retreat With a Sweaty Bang

fusion fly group

I've been known to spend a little time on the bike, so when I saw that Jenn had tried out a Spin class with a twist in her hometown of Kansas City, I let her know right away that, should I come to visit, we were going to have to check it out. And that's exactly what we did as a big, sweaty group at …
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PowHer-ing Up … Together!


Where to begin, where to begin ... I just had the MOST epic weekend. And I'm not even sure how to sum it up. In fact, I'm pretty sure that right now I'm feeling ALL the feelings at exactly the same time. Kind of like how I felt after Tish and I crossed the finish line at the marathon --- just a mix …
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Here We Go Round: Trying 9Round Fitness


Today’s 9Round review is from Jennifer Schlozman, a former Weight Watchers Leader Ambassador who’s a runner and triathlete --- and she completed her first half marathon this year. With enthusiasm for group workouts and finding fit friends, she considers herself a loser when it comes to weight and a …
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PowHER Up With a Free Workout With the FBGs in Kansas City!


We like to work out. You like to work out. So why don't we get together and work out?! Yeah! Introducing our very first live reader meet-up/event ... We've been toying with the idea of doing one of these for forever, and we are so darn psyched that it's finally happening! We FBGs are …
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Surf’s Up With Surfset!


Today’s Surfset review is from Jennifer Schlozman, a Weight Watchers Leader Ambassador who's a runner, triathlete and completed her first half marathon this year. With enthusiasm for group workouts and finding fit friends, she considers herself a loser when it comes to weight and a winner when it …
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Workout I Did: Fusion Fly


Long, long ago, Karen and I took a class at Fusion Fitness in Kansas City--- and it pretty much rendered me useless for the rest of the day and the two days following because, OMG, the soreness. And not just any soreness. This was like epic, I-didn't-know-I-had-a-muscle-there or …
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Get Dirty With Us—Let’s All Do a Mud Run Together!

Let's get dirty together!

Man, we must have the running, racing, obstacle-loving bug lately! I credit Kristen---her race recap was so darn amazing that I swear it made my four-mile race even more fun. And then we read this book, and we got really pumped for new race possibilities. So when Dirty Girl Mud Run came along and …
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In Kansas City? Run the Trolley Run With Us!

Fellow buds Laura, Jessica and Jodi at the 2011 Trolley Run! Credit: Jodi Danziger

One of my favorite races in Kansas City is the Trolley Run. It's a four-mile course that starts in my neighborhood and ends up down on the Plaza (which, sadly, has been all over the news). Besides being pretty and having a start line that's within walking distance of my house (talk about …
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Raising the “Barre” and Dropping the Ego by Trying Something New

Tricep dips. Erika smiles through the burn.

After all these years, you've probably come to realize that even when I say I'm going to stick to a new schedule that, well, it doesn't last for too long. I've never really been one to get in a fitness rut. Give me a month or two's time, and I'll be trying this and scheduling that and generally, you …
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