A Day in the Life of Kerri Walsh Jennings (Plus How to Feel Confident in a Bikini!)


When I say we here at FBG are big Kerri Walsh Jennings fans, I mean it. First, FBG Kristen is such a big fan that she goes to see her play live (lucky!). Second, we FLIP OUT when she Tweets us and says stuff like this. @FitBottomedGirl I follow you because my goal is literally to be a …
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Protect Your Skin Like an Olympian: COOLA Suncare Review


I like finding that I have things in common with an Olympian I admire. I like learning about their workouts and meal plans and trying to emulate them, and I love hearing that they have some of the same hobbies I have. I really, really like when they use a product that's totally accessible to me. And …
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