Fit Apparel for Every Body


Going shopping for some new fit apparel? Want to be inspired? Try a new workout? Looking to imbibe more healthfully? Oh, we have all that and more in today's FitLinks! Fitness wear for all shapes and sizes. ---Fit Bottomed Mamas Grab the tissues. ---ESPN So beautiful! ---Dancing With the …
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Is Sugar The New Smoking?


From a pretty strong case against sugar to a motivational principle that you can start using today to be healthier and happier, do not --- we repeat --- do not miss these FitLinks! This TEDx Talk will certainly get you thinking. ---Jonathan Bailor Eight creative ways to use a medicine ball. …
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8 Running Hacks


With hacks to be a better and smarter runner to a glowing green smoothie recipe to fascinating research on how our self-image and goals impact our decisions, we're straight-up in L-O-V-E with this FitLinks! No. 5 is kind of brilliant, no? ---Rock Creek Runner Get your glow on. ---Fit Bottomed …
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Activity Trackers … for Your Dog!

fitness dog lifting a heavy big dumbbell

Ever wondered how active your dog really is? Done a juice cleanse? Want to see some amazing fitness photography? You will love these FitLinks! All that plus more! Activity monitors ... for your dog! ---Vetstreet Oh, the things juicers say. ---The Chalkboard Proof that anyone can be a …
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Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

dollars with measure tape on white background

Wanna keep your New Year New Rear mentality going all month long? Read on for some great reads that'll educate, motivate and get you sweatin'! Yes, you can eat healthy on a budget! ---Fit Bottomed Eats Get in our belly. ---FabFitFun A workout to get you kickstarted in the right direction! …
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