Gratitude, Goals and Balance: How to Maintain Your Weight Loss for Life


So you've slipped into your skinny jeans...STREAMERS! CONFETTI! CELEBRATION! Um, now what? It's hard to lose weight, but you know what's even harder? Not losing weight. Or gaining it. That's right. The M-word. It strikes fear in the heart of dieters more than the words "counting calories" or …
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On the Two-Year Anniversary of Losing 100 Pounds: Lessons in Maintaining Weight Loss

weight loss success story

Hey, hey, it's Guest Bloggers' Week, which means we're bringing you some of the best and most inspiring posts from writers around the web! Click here to see all of the great guest posts that inspire, push us to get fitter, make us think in new ways and crack us the heck up! Three years ago this …
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