Raising an Olympian: P&G and Athletes Say Thank You, Mom!


The following is a post sponsored by P&G. For our sponsored post policy, click here. How many Olympians have you seen in an interview, just after they've done something amazing (and, um, they're Olympians so they're always doing something amazing!), immediately thank one particular person …
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A Workout System for New Moms: The Dia Method


There are a lot of get-your-pre-baby-body-back workouts out there. After all, when your belly expands to crazy proportions, it can be hard to believe you can actually get it back to normal. And it’s hard to fit in a new routine when you've got a newborn or small kids of any age, particularly if …
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A Life Lesson From My Mother


If Fit Bottomed Girls had a poster child, it would have been my mother. She had all the rules tied up in one neat little package: eat well but don’t overindulge, take little breaks when needed, drink lots of water, exercise daily and, most importantly, treat yourself with respect. She would wake me …
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Post-Baby Body: I’m Easier on Myself


Over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, we've talked a lot lately about cutting ourselves some slack. From telling your inner critic to take a hike to writing yourself love letters, we've been all about self-love. I talked about whether moms are aware of the comments they make about their bodies now that they …
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Being a Healthy—and Sometimes Muddy—Role Model for My Kids


Seeing that it's Love Yo'Self Week here on FBG, I thought it would be fun to talk about an added perk to loving yourself and treating yourself right with exercise and healthy eats: giving your family a healthy role model to look up to. As I've learned being a mom, it's funny what 2-year-olds …
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The Latest From Mamas: Fit Tools Busy Moms Need, Losing the Baby Weight & More!

Meet the kettlebell. One of the most effective pieces of fitness equipment to have at home. Credit: andrewmalone

Swing! These latest links from Fit Bottomed Mamas have us swinging our kettlebells with dee-light! Check 'em out, mamas and mamas-to-be! Three fitness tools busy moms can make good and quick use out of! Biting the daycare bullet. Any advice for Erin? A workout DVD you can do with the …
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