What to Expect: GORUCK


Maybe you've heard people talking about GORUCK, or perhaps you noticed some folks doing stadiums or shuffling along at your last 10k carrying what appeared to be really heavy backpacks, and you wondered what the deal was. GORUCK is a rucksack producing company founded by a team of Green Berets, …
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5 Ways to Maintain Your Long-Distance Fit Friendships


A few months ago, I moved to Salt Lake City. Though I was glad to get out of the Phoenix heat, I wasn’t so okay with leaving behind my circle of friends. In Arizona, I was only one text message away from a workout buddy; here in Utah, my contacts list is empty. I’ve tried --- and, if I must be …
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6 Reasons to Sweat It Out Over Skype


Wish you had more fit friends to work out with? Go online! Not only can you make new buds who like to sweat online but also you can connect with fit pros or long-distance friends, giving you the BFF support you need to reach your healthy goals. And one of the best ways to do that is through Skype. …
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Magic Bullets Suck

Vector illustration. Cartoon hand drawing magic unicorn.

I've really, really been enjoying the answers to our Question of the Week about whether or not we'd take a magic pill to be fit if it existed. And while I think both Susan and Karen have made the point that getting fit and being fit is more about the journey than the destination and I couldn't agree …
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