Summer Sunshine Workout Playlist

sport and lifestyle concept - woman doing running with earphones outdoors

It’s time for another installment of our exciting new series of guest posts from some of the awesome fitness professionals at BeFiT. Each month, these good folks will be bringing you tips, workouts and more to help you be your fittest! Such as this motivational workout playlist from Sydney …
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Push It Real Good With the July Fit Bottomed Challenge


When's the last time you jammed out to some Salt-N-Pepa? Been awhile? Or was it just 10 minutes ago? We think you can never get too much. Especially of this jam. And especially in July. Why? Because it's pretty much the inspiration for this month's new Fit Bottomed Challenge* (click on the …
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What to Expect: GORUCK


Maybe you've heard people talking about GORUCK, or perhaps you noticed some folks doing stadiums or shuffling along at your last 10k carrying what appeared to be really heavy backpacks, and you wondered what the deal was. GORUCK is a rucksack producing company founded by a team of Green Berets, …
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