How’s Your Gym Etiquette?

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Throughout the month of January and even into February, my Facebook feed is riddled with people sharing their workouts and, in many cases, sharing gripes about their time at the gym. I get it. The gym is a bit more crowded right now because people have chosen the start of the New Year to embrace …
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You Can’t Do It All — And That’s Okay!


There's a well-known rule in the fitness world that's pretty common sense yet we tend to forget it over and over again: You can't do it all. What? That statement made you feel like a failure? That's okay; the "can't" word tends to do that to people. But, again, this is for your good --- …
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Need Advice? Help Getting Motivated? Come Hang Out With Us!


Note from the FBGs: So, UM, this clearly didn't go as planned and a few technical difficulties turned into an all out inability to do the Hangout as we wanted. Or really, at all. We are SO sorry. We showered and everything. But, the good news is that we WILL do this again, maybe just on another …
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Find Your Next Favorite Workout

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So you started 2014 with some awesome intentions, but maybe now you've realized that some of your fitness goals aren't quite as fun as you'd expected. Like, maybe you swore you'd run five times a week but it turns out you ... don't really love running. Or you planned out tons of yoga classes but …
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Denise Austin’s Best New Year’s Fit Tip — And We Love It


Today's Fit Tip Friday is special, guys. Not only because it's New Year New Rear Week but also because it's from freakin' Denise Austin! She's pretty much the queen of workout DVDs, and she totally rocks our fit world. We got the chance to ask her to share her best overall New Year fit tip for 2014, …
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5 Pilates Tips to Improve Your Practice


Love Pilates? Trying to fit more Pilates sessions into your New Year? Always wanted to try it? No matter where you fall on the Pilates spectrum, today's New Year New Rear Week post with Pilates tips from STOTT PILATES is for you! "There’s always room for novices and experts alike …
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