Thanks, Coach! A Review of Coach’s Oats & Giveaway!


"Thanks, coach!" —Sanka Coffie from the movie Cool Runnings I love that darn quote and say it ALL the time. And now I catch myself saying it at perhaps the most  unlikely of times: every morning as I sit down for breakfast, chowing down on the oatmeal the team from Coach's Oats sent me. And …
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Bob Harper Dishes On Oatmeal Toppings, Eating for Workouts and Weight-Loss


We love a lot of things around here on FBG (check out this series for proof—we're all about the love!), but two things we really, really love? Bob Harper and oatmeal. We recently had the chance to ask Bob (swoon!) a few questions about his breakfast of choice: oatmeal. As a spokesperson for …
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What’s Your Favorite Oatmeal Topping?

In our humble opinions, oatmeal (especially the steel-cut variety) is one of the tastiest ways to start the day. And with enough healthy oatmeal toppings and mix-ins to keep even the biggest health foodie happy and interested, it's one of those foods that you can eat darn near every day. While I'm …
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