An Easy Fix for Better Posture and Less Back Pain (With Giveaway!)


Ever had back pain? Wish you had better posture? Most of us can probably say "yes" to at least one --- if not both --- of these questions. I myself am lucky enough to have never had back problems (knock on wood, yo!), but my posture isn't the greatest. And seeing that I can sit for hours at a time …
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3 Products to Improve Your Recovery After a Tough Workout


Whether you're training for a race or simply pushed it hard at the gym and are feeling the effects, we rounded up three new products that we are loving to help speed our recovery. From muscle-soreness relief to compression to getting an ice bath on the go (really!), they're sure to help you get back …
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What a Pain: Tips for Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

Are you taking proper care of those tootsies? Credit: tiffany assman

Ouchie ouch ouch! It's safe to say that nobody (or no body) likes pain. And, well, it's kind of hard to be fit and active when the very things you stand on—your feet—are causing you grief. That's why we're getting the real deal on plantar fasciitis from Phil Vasyli, world renowned podiatrist and …
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In a Nutshell, ThermaCare Rocks (And It’s Your Last Chance to Win Some!)


The following post is sponsored by ThermaCare. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Since June, we've been telling you about how ThermaCare has helped us to live active, healthy—and pain-free—lives, no matter what kind of soreness a workout throws at us. I can say, from personal experience, …
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Beating Pain During 10K Training With ThermaCare (With Giveaway!)


The following post is sponsored by ThermaCare. For our sponsored post policy, click here. You'll hear more about this in the coming weeks, but we FBGs are training for the Rock 'n' Roll 10k in Brooklyn this October. And since I haven't run a race since, oh, this 5K, I've had my work cut out for …
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Knee Recap

Oh, that title. Get it? Har har. I crack myself up. I really do. Remember the bum knee that was killing me during my 10K training runs? Well, it was seriously feeling it a couple of weeks ago. So I took a whopping two-week break from running. Actually, my knee felt better after a week. But then …
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Knee Pain from Running: My Knee Jerk Reaction

My knee is being a total jerk. Just a few weeks into my 10K training, my knee and I are already in a fight. Already making me think that I'm going to fail my No. 1 Most Important Goal: No Injuries. I take that back: I'm not going to get injured because I'm not going to stupidly ignore the pain and …
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My Secret Weapon for Overcoming CrossFit Soreness (And How You Can Win It!)


The following post is sponsored by ThermaCare. For our sponsored post policy, click here. If you've ever done any kind of intense exercise, you know one thing that usually is a byproduct of said activity: soreness. Like the kind where it takes a bit of time and a big ol' groan to get out of bed. …
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