A Paleo-Friendly Snack: AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bar

A Paleo snack that's oh-so filling!

During my 30-day Paleo challenge last summer, I learned a lot of things. First, for me, that when I eat really clean, I feel better and have more energy. Second, that going Paleo takes some serious ingredient-label investigating. And third? That easy go-to Paleo snacks are kind of hard to find. …
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Paleo Tips: The Good, the Bad and How to (Sanely) Try It

Yep, turkey legs are on the Paleo menu. God bless 'em. Credit: randychiu

Last week, I shared all about my 30-day Paleo challenge, where I ate everything but grains, legumes, dairy and processed foods. (I like to describe it that way versus what I couldn't eat because seriously, there's still a TON of stuff to eat when you go Paleo, and I like to focus on abundance in my …
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Eat Like a Cavewoman: Pros and Cons of The Paleo Diet


With perhaps one of the biggest meat-eating days of the year on tap for tomorrow, we wanted to share this guest post by James Kim on the Paleo Diet. Read on for the pros and cons of this so-called caveman way of eating! The “Paleo Diet” is also known as the “Caveman Diet,” which is named so …
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