What’s in Kristen’s Pantry?

Fruits and veggies and, of course, extra salsa.

I'm firmly with Tish on this question of the week—I knew from the get-go that it would be a little embarrassing. But let me be clear—I'm not embarrassed about how I eat; I eat a lot of fresh fruit, veggies and low-fat dairy (with some treats tossed in for good measure, of course) from the fridge, …
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What’s in Tish’s Pantry?


This Question of the Week put me in the vulnerable and embarrassed department. I have a naughty pantry! There, I said it! My good stuff is all up in the fresh fruits and veggies. I'm not a baker or an exquisite chef, so you won't find any of the cool ingredients you saw in Jenn's pantry...yet. (I'm …
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What’s in Erin’s Pantry?

erin's pantry

Jenn made the joke that baring our pantries could read totally differently with the omission of one letter. I'll admit that sending photos of my pantry to a nutritionist did feel slightly like I was going pantless and showing off my under-britches to the world. But we're nothing if not honest around …
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What’s in Jenn’s Pantry? And Tips to Improve It From a Nutritionist!


Yep, that would be my pantry. A somewhat chaotic mix of this, that and everything in between, it's where I go for cooking inspiration and, well, storage. (Hey, the organization makes sense to me...) Similar to an earlier Question of the Week where we peeked into each FBG's fridge, this week we're …
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