Physique 57

4 Hot New Group Exercise Classes to Try


I recently embarked on a fitness “stay-cation” in my hometown of New York City to try out a whole slew of classes and take a peek at the swankiest fitness studios. After sweating and lifting, jumping, banding and attempting poses all over this fine city, I am reporting back my personal favorites. …
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Workout I Did: Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo, Part Two


Whenever Jamba hosts an event, I know I'm in for a full day of intense muscle jubilee. The first year Jenn and I attended Jamba's day of workouts, I didn't properly fuel, and I paid for it handsomely with fatigue and Gumby-like limb movements. This year, I tried to prepare a bit better. I made sure …
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No Physique 57 Studio Near You? Try the Book! We Did…

physique 57

When a book has an endorsement from Parker Posey, Kelly Ripa and Demi Moore (that woman looks more fit every day year, I swear), you have to wonder what Kool-Aid they're all drinking that makes them look so fabulous. Apparently, Physique 57 is the beverage of choice, and it goes down with highly …
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Trying a Physique 57 Class (And Learning the Workout Power of a Kickball)

The little white kickball of horror (and results) at Physique 57.

Thighs, thighs, thighs...the body part many women hate to look at, but love to work on. I’ll be the first to say that I wish spot-reduction worked—I’d be doing every exercise and thigh squeeze in the book. But since it’s left up to genetics and some good ol’ hard work, I headed to Physique 57 on the …
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