How to Recover From a Marathon in Record Time


This post by Laura Skladzinski about how to recover from a marathon quickly is a part of our fourth-annual Guest Bloggers' Week. (Check out all of the inspiring, informative, entertaining and life-changing posts here!) In 2006, Laura Skladzinski made it her goal to run one mile without stopping --- …
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From Brett Hoebel: Solving Your Body Image Issues One Mirror at a Time


This post by THE Brett Hoebel about how to improve your body image is a part of our fourth-annual Guest Bloggers' Week. Check out all of the inspiring, informative, entertaining and life-changing posts here! And check out more of Brett on his website and by following him on the Twitter. It’s one …
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The Dog Days of Summer: 8 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe on Runs

Credit: Caravanum, Flickr

It's hot out there. In fact, some might call this time of year the "dog days" of summer. Which, we think, really means "take special care of your dog during runs in the summer!" So when Fit Bottomed Mamas ran (Get it "ran?" Ha! We're extra punny today. Again, with punny/funny! We die! We die!) tips …
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5 Things Ruby Couldn’t Be Healthy Without


The following is a post sponsored by ViSalus. For our sponsored post policy, click here. We've really loved getting to know Ruby better and being able to follow along on her healthy journey these past few months. And today we are geeked to share with ya'll (say like Ruby!) the top five things …
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Fit Tip Friday: Keeping Track of Your Shoes’ Mileage


Did you know that your running shoe has an expiration date? Most folks will tell you that a good shoe should last you around 300 miles. That being said, people go to some creative lengths to ensure they're keeping track. I've never been good at keeping score though. If you ask me to write down my …
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Workout I Did: Aerial Workout — Houston We Have A Problem


My posts don’t pop up here on Girls very often, I’m usually found on the pages of Eats, taste-testing recipes so you don’t have to. (And trust me, you would thank me for not subjecting you to the fish and tahini paste disaster, but that’s another story.) Anyway, I was really jazzed to do my first …
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Should You Tri a Tri Camp?


This year, I've made it a point to get out of my comfort zone --- trying new gear, doing races I once deemed "too hard," and taking on every opportunity I'm offered, even if it requires skills not in my wheelhouse. This includes something I've avoided since I began triathlon training: Tri …
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Fit Blogger We Love: Carla Birnberg of MizFitOnline


MizFitOnline was one of the first fitness blogs on the scene. And when we started FBG, we were definitely one of her biggest fans. Over the years, Carla Birnberg (aka MizFit) has inspired thousands --- including us --- to get fit and fully embrace who you are in the process. Carla is …
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