MODA by Sofia: Finally, Plus-Sized Workout Apparel That Fits (With Giveaway!)

Workout apparel for all sizes!

It’s always been difficult to find workout clothes that fit; as a triathlete—I’ve got shoulders like Michael Phelps and cyclist’s thighs that put me in the running for “Honorary Kardashian.” If it fits my chest, it’s too short on my torso. If it fits my waist, it’s too short at the ankle. You’ve …
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6 Athletic Swimsuits You Will Actually Want to Show Off


It's hard enough to look confident in that one special bathing suit that you devote multiple shopping trips to picking out, let alone a sports swimsuit you got stuck with as an only option. Let's be honest, a one-piece sports swimsuit made for laps around the pool, or worse, staying put while …
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