Ultimate 80s Workout Song: Queen Bracket (Round 1, Part 1)

best workout songs

It's Friday, and you know what that means! Time for another round of 80s song match-ups for you to vote on (and listen to). Last week, we introduced you to eight songs in the Paula bracket (and if you haven't voted yet, go now! We'll wait here!), and today, we're bringing out the Queen bracket. …
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Ultimate 80s Workout Song: Paula Bracket (Round 1, Part 1)

best 80s songs

When it comes to knowing (and loving) 80s tunes, our readers do not disappoint. You guys jumped at the opportunity to tell us which songs you thought deserved a chance to compete for the title of the Ultimate 80s Workout Song, and now, we're kicking things off with the Ultimate 80s Workout Song …
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What’s Your Favorite Way to Show Yo’Self Some Love?

Are you sipping on self-love? You should be! Credit: Rahim Packir Saibo

Love, love, love. We've been all about the love lately as for the past six days we've been celebrating Love Yo'Self Week, our annual celebration of everything that's awesome in our---and your---lives. And as we've been stoking the fire of self-love with posts on how to make a healthy living dream …
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