Pregnant? Tips to Keep on Cycling!


When I got pregnant, I knew that exercise during pregnancy was totally healthy. But, still, when I got that first positive test, I was a little reluctant. Should I keep jogging? Could I still do high-impact aerobics? What about core work? From the get-go, there are so many worries a new mom faces! …
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Ask the FBGs: Do I Need to Change My Workouts If I Want to Get Pregnant?


Today we’re featuring an Ask the FBGs post, where readers like you ask the FBGs for advice. Nothing is off limits, although we do prefer that it’s fitness or nutrition related, so send your undying health questions to You just might see them posted on the site in the …
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Post-Baby Body: I’m Easier on Myself


Over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, we've talked a lot lately about cutting ourselves some slack. From telling your inner critic to take a hike to writing yourself love letters, we've been all about self-love. I talked about whether moms are aware of the comments they make about their bodies now that they …
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The Latest From Mamas: Fit Tools Busy Moms Need, Losing the Baby Weight & More!

Meet the kettlebell. One of the most effective pieces of fitness equipment to have at home. Credit: andrewmalone

Swing! These latest links from Fit Bottomed Mamas have us swinging our kettlebells with dee-light! Check 'em out, mamas and mamas-to-be! Three fitness tools busy moms can make good and quick use out of! Biting the daycare bullet. Any advice for Erin? A workout DVD you can do with the …
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Get Moving and Grooving With This Pregnancy Dance Workout

sara haley

Dancing is one of our go-to options for cardio. I mean, heck, it's fun, gets your heart rate up and gives you a really good excuse to listen to your favorite guilty pleasure tracks. This past week over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, Sara Haley, Reebok global fitness trainer, shared a whole pregnancy dance …
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