A Paleo-Friendly Snack: AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bar

A Paleo snack that's oh-so filling!

During my 30-day Paleo challenge last summer, I learned a lot of things. First, for me, that when I eat really clean, I feel better and have more energy. Second, that going Paleo takes some serious ingredient-label investigating. And third? That easy go-to Paleo snacks are kind of hard to find. …
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Fueling My Workouts With Pure Protein


This post is sponsored by Pure Protein. Check out great ways to Eat Good and Look Great. So, it's no secret that I like my protein. After all, protein is super important and is awesome for keeping you full and helping your body to recover after tough workouts. And seeing that I'm not a fan of the …
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How to Make Your Own Energy Bars at Home

Homemade energy bars: better for you and cheaper! Credit: No Meat Athlete

It's easy to get addicted to nutrition and energy bars. They’re just so quick. And convenient. And tasty. But, like most things that come in a shiny foil wrapper, they’re not the healthiest. Darn! Though many boast a mega-punch of protein, added vitamins/minerals, antioxidants and other good stuff, …
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Not to Get All High and Mighty But…


With a name like High & Mighty, these bars that NutriFit sent us to try recently have a lot to live up to. And do they? Well, yeah, they pretty much do. While probably not my favorite bar of all time, these are dang delicious with nutritional stats that can't be beat (excect for more …
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Nutrition Bar Head-to-Head Taste-Off: Barre Bars vs. Gnu Flavor & Fiber Bars


In our pursuit of being the ultimate guinea pigs for you, today we taste-test two new snack bars---Barre bars and Gnu Flavor & Fiber bars that boast uber nutrition and a delicious taste. Who will win? Read on for this bar-a-licious head-to-head competition... Barre Bars Barre workouts are …
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Putting Three GNC Total Lean Products to the Taste-Test


As I've mentioned before, a trip to GNC kind of freaks me out. There are so many choices and options that I usually end up heading straight to the whole-food area, looking at the bags of chia seeds and goji berries and get on my merry little way. However, when GNC hit us up to try its own line of …
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