Because You’re No Slouch: Motivational Post-Workout Layering


We love a good scarf, especially this time of year. And a soft one that motivates you to get moving? Um, yeah, wrap it up, girl! Words to Sweat By (love them --- they make our jewelry!) recently sent us its new "I'm No Slouch" Organic Cotton Infinity Scarf and, spoiler: it's way cute. With a …
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Active Scarves? Seems Silly, But We Don’t Know How We Lived Before Them

Get it wet? No worries. It dries super fast.

When we first heard about "active scarves," I'll admit that I kind of thought it was a joke. Like, really, do you need a special scarf for yoga or Pilates or meditation? Really? Really? Really. 'Cause I'm in love with the Borelli Designs' Active collection of scarves. They are genius. Pure, …
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