Waxing Nostalgic

sports bra, sentimentalist

Every fashion magazine, at some point, will ask you if you are classic or trendy. I fall into the classic category, except on the far extreme end of that box. I'm what you would call a "sentimentalist." I tend to purchase classic pieces that fit in well with my timeless look so that I can continue …
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7 Tips to Turn Your Holiday Shopping Into a Workout

Consider this your official holiday shopping workout! Credit: HerryLawford

It may be tempting to forgo the lines and just order your holiday gifts (Need some fit gift ideas? We got 'em here!) from the ol' interwebs, but we have found a serious perk to actually getting out of the house and into the stores: extra activity. While shopping can't really be considered as a …
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The 7 Best Fitness Gifts for (Almost) Everyone on Your List


'Tis the season for present buying! And instead of hitting the mall to aimlessly walk around hoping that the perfect gift for Aunt Sarah or Uncle What's-His-Name pops out at you, we've put together a list of seven fitness gifts that are pretty foolproof for anyone on your shopping list who enjoys …
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