New Fun Fitness Fashion Trend: Lace?


I wouldn't have put "lace" and "fitness" in the same sentence normally. Lace seems all proper, frilly and scratchy, while fitness is sweaty, non-frilly and you definitely want to wear anything but scratchy. But this new Brooks Running outfit that we got to try per our gig as a blog ambassador …
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Apparel for Your Beachy Active Adventures: Roxy’s Outdoor Fitness Collection


How glorious is the above photo? Clearly, I need to go back to Jamaica because I am JONESING for some active beach time and water sports. But while I am a long plane ride away from a tropical destination of any kind, we did get some new apparel here at FBG HQ that at least makes me feel like I could …
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Everything You Need to Know When Buying Bike Shorts

We have your guide to buying the perfect bike shorts! Credit: lululemon athletica

If you’re a cyclist, triathlete or Spin class participant, you’ve probably noticed an overwhelming amount of “female-specific” products in your bike shop. You can usually spot the womens’ products a mile away—they’re often pink. Very pink. I’m going to let you in on a little secret about these …
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