How an FBG Does Sick

tea thumb size

So you've been working out and eating better, a killer duo that is great for your overall health and well-being, but unfortunately it won't give you 100 percent immunity against all future bugs. I know. It would have been nice. I'm currently dealing with a nasty little cold that's left me down and …
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Fit Tip Friday: A Good Way to Dodge the Flu Bug

Follow this tip, and you can dance like Tish!

It seems like everyone and their sick dog is talking about this year's dreadful flu season. Even Ellen Degeneres won't hug you unless you've gotten your shot or confirmed you're germ free! It's dreadful, contagious as a mother trucker, and it makes working out almost next to impossible. That's a …
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Oh, Flu, I Hate You

Why is it that we only appreciate our healthy bodies to their fullest when we're not at our healthiest? It seems that we take for granted all of their natural abilities when something knocks us down. We've seen it with Jenn and her broken bum. We've seen it with Tish and her darn acid reflux. We've …
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An Easy Answer to If You Should Work Out If You’re Feeling Under the Weather

To work out or not to work out when sick. That is the question! Credit: sunshinecity

'Tis the season for sniffles and sneezes! When you’re really sick, there is no question that you need to rest. Your body clearly tells you to stay the heck home and watch re-runs of New Girl. But what if you’re just a touch sick? Or you feel like a cold might be coming? Should you still head to …
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