The Piece of Cardio Equipment You’re Probably Not Using But Totally Should!


Now, time for a poem: Row, row, row your workout Gently to the burn. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, the fitness gains you will learn! Yes, it's silly, but, yes, it's also true! Rowing rocks and indoor rowing has tons and tons and tons of benefits. A cardio and strength workout …
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Want to Feel Good? Get Outside! Why Outdoor Workouts Are Sooo Good for You


With the leaves falling in gorgeous hues of red, yellow and orange (the above image is actually from my running trail!), now is the perfect time to ditch the gym for a few workouts, get outside and embrace good ol' nature! Recently, there has been tons of research that has focused on the so-called …
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10 Gym-Free No-Equipment Workouts


It's the final day of You Can Do It Week so you can probably see where we're going with this, right? Not having fitness equipment or a gym membership does stink, but it's no excuse for not getting fit! In fact, the kind of stuff you can do without the gear and alongside the grunty dudes in the gym …
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SparkPeople Does It Again—Tone and Sculpt With Coach Nicole Workout DVD


Talk about a movement! has helped millions of people become active and healthy and their Total Body Sculpting with Coach Nicole DVD is no exception. This all-in-one DVD features three 20-minute workouts that focus on sculpting and toning a beautiful and fit body. With tons of …
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7 Often Overlooked Signs of Overtraining

Do you know the hidden signs of overtraining?

Healthy habits are awesome, but you actually can have too much of a good thing. Fiber is good for you, but too much fiber? Um, if you've done it, you know what I'm talking about. Even too much sleep can make you feel like poo. And exercise is no exception. Problem is, some of the more hidden signs …
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How to Burn 100 Calories in 50 Fun Ways


You may already know that everything you do burns calories—breathing, sleeping, standing, and all of the workouts you love. But what does it take to burn just 100 calories? You may be surprised by how little—or how much! To put it all in perspective for you, we've gathered 50 different ways how to …
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