The Cycling Workout Nicole Kidman Loves (And Us, Too!)


The following post is sponsored by Motion Traxx. For our sponsored post policy, click here. We love, love, love group cycling classes, but sometimes they're just not convenient. The room is packed and all the bikes are taken. The timing doesn't work with your schedule. You don't like sweat flying …
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Pregnant? Tips to Keep on Cycling!


When I got pregnant, I knew that exercise during pregnancy was totally healthy. But, still, when I got that first positive test, I was a little reluctant. Should I keep jogging? Could I still do high-impact aerobics? What about core work? From the get-go, there are so many worries a new mom faces! …
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Tips to Feel Comfortable in Your First Spin Class

Nervous to go to your first Spin class? Don't be---it's fun. Promise! Credit: bobroche

Have you been thinking about going to your first Spin class but are a little intimidated by the bikes, and the set-up, and the positions and all that jazz? Totally normal! It’s been a long time since I took my first spin class, but I do remember being intimidated by the new sport. If you’re a little …
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Spinning 101 With Master Instructor and Pro Cyclist Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor pushes tons of people to new SPINNING heights during classes.

Group cycling classes can be a bit intimidating. There's that hard bike to sit on, the lingo, what to wear, and---gosh---is my bike set up at the right height and stuff? And even if you're used to going to Spinning classes, are you really getting the most of them? Or are you just pedaling it in …
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Work Out with Your Workout Music: Spin Coach Volume 1

spin coach

We're all about the workout music. After all, nothing pumps you up for a workout like some good heart-thumping tunes. But an album that combines workout music with an actual workout led by a fitness expert? Well, hello, that's even better! So when our pal Deekron of Motion Traxx—you may remember the …
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The Real Cycling Deal: RealRyder Class

Mark and Bob Harper!

We recently sent one of our manliest-of-men writers, Mark Arana, to try a RealRyder cycling class in L.A. Below are his thoughts on how tough the workout was and if it's a good fit for all of the Fit Bottomed Dudes in the house! —Jenn There's only one way to sum up a RealRyder cycling class: It's …
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