Waxing Nostalgic

sports bra, sentimentalist

Every fashion magazine, at some point, will ask you if you are classic or trendy. I fall into the classic category, except on the far extreme end of that box. I'm what you would call a "sentimentalist." I tend to purchase classic pieces that fit in well with my timeless look so that I can continue …
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Brooks Running Review: Women’s Glycerin Printed Bra Top II


You know how when you run you want to feel supported? And tight? And strong? And ready to go? Well, that's pretty much how I'd describe how this new Brooks Running sports bra (which I got to try per our blog ambassador relationship) makes me feel when I put it on. Ya'll, the Women's Glycerin Printed …
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Just How Sturdy Are Sturdy Girl Sports’ Bras and Capris? A Review!


So here's the rub: Sometimes we want to review stuff but just can't properly because we don't have—ahem—the assets. (Both Erin and Tish have lamented not having a whole lot up top, and neither Kristen nor I are overly busty to properly test a sports bra that specializes in keeping big boobies …
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