A Reader Makes Peace With a Store — and Finds True Love With a Sports Bra


Fit Bottomed reader Jodi Danziger (you've seen her here!) has fallen in love ... with a sports bra. So much so that for Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week she wants to shout it from the rooftops! You know, the online ones. Jodi loves working out and currently lives in Kansas City, Mo., where she is a …
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Feeling Like a Champion: New Fall Gear to Get Ya Moving


There's nothing like a little new workout apparel to put a little spring in your step or get ya to the gym or out for that run! And this new Champion and C9 gear (found at one of our fave stores --- Target!) that recently landed at FBG HQ? Well, we love it. Comfy, cute, functional and all reasonably …
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Waxing Nostalgic

sports bra, sentimentalist

Every fashion magazine, at some point, will ask you if you are classic or trendy. I fall into the classic category, except on the far extreme end of that box. I'm what you would call a "sentimentalist." I tend to purchase classic pieces that fit in well with my timeless look so that I can continue …
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Brooks Running Review: Women’s Glycerin Printed Bra Top II


You know how when you run you want to feel supported? And tight? And strong? And ready to go? Well, that's pretty much how I'd describe how this new Brooks Running sports bra (which I got to try per our blog ambassador relationship) makes me feel when I put it on. Ya'll, the Women's Glycerin Printed …
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