Oh, Winter Weight Gain, You Crack Me Up


Some ladies and I were talking at the gym the other day and the subject of pounds that just won't budge came up. A couple of women said that pretty much out of nowhere they had gained five to 10 pounds and were having a HECK of a time getting them to come off. Of course, whenever a group of women …
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5 Super Fun Spring Races

spring races

Spring is, depending on where you live, either here or very much on its way, and there's no better way to celebrate the warmer weather and longer days than by getting out and running! Wait, scratch that. There is one way that's even better—taking part in a fun spring race. And I've scoured the …
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Meeting Kristin McGee and a Sneak Peek at the Spring C9 Target Collection

kristin mcgee

Please give a big warm welcome to Margo Donohue, fitness professional and blogger at Brooklyn Fit Chick. Since Margo lives in the Big Apple, she'll be helping us cover events every now and again—just like this recent Target event! Hello everyone! Recently Fit Bottomed Girls recently asked me to …
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