Workout I Did: SUP Yoga and Core


Prior to my recent vacation, I had tried stand up paddleboarding (SUP) once. It was in the Gulf of Mexico during a volleyball tournament. My back was hurting from hitting the ball around the day before, my legs were in ridiculous pain due to my first week doing Insanity, and, well, I'd had a big …
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Apparel for Your Beachy Active Adventures: Roxy’s Outdoor Fitness Collection


How glorious is the above photo? Clearly, I need to go back to Jamaica because I am JONESING for some active beach time and water sports. But while I am a long plane ride away from a tropical destination of any kind, we did get some new apparel here at FBG HQ that at least makes me feel like I could …
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We Learn How Olympians Lolo Jones and Alex Morgan ‘Do More’

Lolo and me, no big deal.

Living in New York City, I didn’t think I would ever find myself getting into a bobsled, much less with a world-class Olympic athlete. But that is exactly what happened to me at the Degree Do: More event that was recently held in the Altman building. Walking in, I was greeted by the sight of U.S …
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What’s on Kristen’s Fitness Bucket List?

This half marathon finish line picture means I can cross at least one of these off my list!

We’re talking fitness bucket lists—you know, the stuff we want to do before we die—for this edition of Question of the Week! Yeah, it's a little morbid, but it's fun to share the stuff we really, really want to do! I love lists. I think I might've mentioned that a time or two. But, it's true, and …
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