Feel the ‘Beet’ in Your Workouts With a Shot of This


I have a healthy obsession with beets. I've shared my torrid love affair with the beet before (like a romantic comedy where the girl falls in love with her dorky high school best friend years later), it took me awhile to see its grandeur, but now that I have, I'm smitten. Plus, let's be honest, you …
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FRS Twitter Party: Learn How to Fuel Your Workouts for Best Results!


The following is a post sponsored by FRS. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Many of us know how to have a great workout --- where we give it our all and leave feeling great. But did you know that what you eat and drink before, during and after your workout can be essential to helping …
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Vitamin Gum: The Next Big Thing?

Chew for a healthier heart?

It seems that we're all trying to squeeze more nutritional goodies into our lives these days. Case in point, a new trend we're starting to see pop up more and more: vitamin or supplement gum. Unlike other gum flavors that try to replicate dessert-y goodness (I'm looking at you, Extra), these use gum …
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Find Your Perfect Supplements With Bulu Box (And How You Can Try It Free!)

A dose of healthy goodies for you to try each and every month!

The following post is sponsored by Bulu Box, of which we are an affiliate. For our sponsored post policy, click here. We don't do a ton here on FBG about supplements for a few reasons. Although we do take them ourselves, we're remiss to review them and talk about them too much because 1) they're …
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