21 Days Eating at the Kitchen Table

Teen relaxing at home watching tv

It's now been 21 days since I've sat down in front of the TV and ate. And ... it was hell. The first meal I had was breakfast (duh). I sat down in the morning in complete silence, awkwardly (somewhat) enjoying my omelette. It was weird. Then lunch came --- same thing. My only company was three …
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I’m Breaking Up With The TV (Okay, Only When I Eat … )

TVFood experiment 435.jpg

TV and eating --- they seem to go hand in hand at the Morgan household. I remember the days when my family used to sit down for dinner and there would be a debate between my sister and I about who had to set the table. We actually had conversations about our days and enjoyed the food we were eating. …
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Workout I Did: An Anti-Diet Reality TV Workout


Many of us have a TV vice --- and likely, you have a reality TV show or two worked into the rotation. Whether you get your reality TV fix with The Bachelor, Keeping up With the Kardashians or the classier but too-stressful-for-me-to-watch Amazing Race, there is no need for your show to be a guilty …
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Kenya Moore Workout DVD Review: Booty Boot Camp


Yesterday we had a chance to chat up Kenya Moore, aka Mizz Moore, about her workouts, healthy eats and new workout DVD. And today we're reviewing Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp, which promises to give ladies everywhere a "Stallion Booty"---with curves in all the right places. So just how does it …
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How Ryan and Abbie Got in Shape for The Amazing Race


I may not be an avid The Amazing Race viewer, but I've seen enough episodes to know that being on the show is a serious physical and mental challenge. You need endurance, patience, strength---and a whole lot of can-do 'tude. And Ryan Danz and Abbie Ginsberg from season 21 were fan favorites, …
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★FitStars: We Catch Up With Ruby Gettinger on Her Weight-Loss Journey!


You guys remember Ruby Gettinger from the reality show Ruby? We do! And we've just been dying to know what she's been up to since our interview with her two years ago. (Dude, time flies.) So when we heard she was doing the ViSalus 90-Day Challenge and recommitting to her weight-loss goals, we wanted …
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