Fit Bottomed Tour: Vail, Colorado in Summer

vail tour

Some vacation destinations are thought of as strictly winter or strictly summer, but as I discovered during my trip to Vail in June, those beliefs aren't always accurate. I mean, for a ski destination known the world over, the city offers some astoundingly fab activities in the summer months (and …
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Fit Bottomed Tour: Active Adventures in New Zealand


Ever have one of those vacations that was so fun, it required a vacation just to recover? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, don't you? It's awesome when that happens. Recently, I was sent to New Zealand to cover an Ironman race in Taupo, on the North Island. Since Neil signed up for the …
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A Fit Bottomed Tour of Gainesville

Cut me some slack. When I'm running those hills, the last thing on my mind is stopping to take a photo. Sorry. Credit:

We FBGs wanted to give readers a "Fit Bottomed Tour" of our towns, showing the fit and healthy places we love to frequent. Kind of like if you came to visit us from out of town---it would be all the places we'd show off! So without further ado... There's not much I love more than showing off my …
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Need Help Setting Your Next Running Goal? Answer These 8 Questions


Congratulations! You did it! You accomplished your running goal! what? Whether you trained for a formal running goal (finishing a 5K race, for example), or set out to run 30 minutes without a walk break, the wave of elation that washes over you can make you feel invincible. In fact, …
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