Sloane Stephens Talks Tennis, Workouts and What It’s Like to Walk the Runway!


When American professional tennis player Sloane Stephens took the court this summer at the U.S. Open, we were sooo rooting for her (along with our other fave players)! With so much talent, game and style, we know that this young lady is going to go far year after year. And when we got the chance to …
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Venus Williams Talks Fitness Fashion, the U.S. Open and Who Inspires Her!


The U.S. Open is in full swing (Get it? Swing? Ha!), so you know what that means, right? Yes --- we are tennis obsessed right now! And there are sooo many fun players to watch, but this year we have our eyeballs on Venus Williams. Coming back from an injury, she's poised to rock the tournament. We …
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