Jenn’s Fave Holiday Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Balsamic Reduction


This Question of the Week is coming straight from our table to yours! Every Friday for the next month, each FBG will be sharing her favorite healthy holiday recipe!  I know, I know. It's shocking that I didn't go with some sort of kale recipe, but for the holidays there is one dish that I …
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My Veggie Solution for Fall: Saute That Big-Ass Salad!


As soon as fall hits, my near obsession with Big-Ass Salads starts to wane a bit. It's not that I don't still enjoy them; it's just that they're just so ... cold! And when the temps start to drop, I begin to crave more soups, stews and heartier fare. That said though, I miss getting that HUGE bowl …
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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Vegetarian Awareness Month


The following is a post sponsored by Silk. For our sponsored post policy, click here. When it comes to eating right, you don't have to make huge changes to make a difference. In fact, little tweaks to your meals and snacks can do wonders! Just an extra serving or two of fruit, veggies, nuts …
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Feel the ‘Beet’ in Your Workouts With a Shot of This


I have a healthy obsession with beets. I've shared my torrid love affair with the beet before (like a romantic comedy where the girl falls in love with her dorky high school best friend years later), it took me awhile to see its grandeur, but now that I have, I'm smitten. Plus, let's be honest, you …
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Getting Juiced: The Bella NutriPro Juicer


Back in March I wrote a post about juicing on Fit Bottomed Eats about the benefits of cold-pressing fruits and veggies into liquid yum. I was obsessed with that darn machine and was experimenting as much as I possibly could with new fruit and vegetable combinations. And I'm proud to say that four …
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Your Healthier Mashed Potatoes Swap: Celery Root Purée

Meet celery root, your new healthy eating friend for winter!

Unless you've been living under a rock (in which case, come on out---the water's fine!), you probably have heard that we now have a third site all about healthy foods called Fit Bottomed Eats! And on said site, each month, we're highlighting a delicious and healthy food that’s in season. And for …
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