The Workout Playlist Gabby Reece Uses to Get Motivated

Gabby Reece powers up with some pretty sweet tunes.

Anyone else think of Gabby Reece as a fit role model who makes living healthy and happy look damn easy and fabulous? I don't know what it is about beach volleyball players, but they all just seem so darn easy-going. And did we mention fit? Well, if you've ever wondered what helps motivate Ms. …
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Kristen’s Fitness Experience in College

Why yes, that *is* Kristen in the 1999 MSU Intramural Sports handbook. And yes, the team name *was* "Lady Ballas." Oh, '90s.

As part of the first-annual Fit Bottomed College Week, each FBG is reflecting on her fitness experiences in college. Read on for the good, the bad and the oh-so honest! My college experience was maybe a little different than the other FBGs. I started school at Michigan State University, …
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Kristen’s Fitness Bucket List, Part 2

Our most recent Question of the Week, What's on Your Fitness Bucket List?, might've been my favorite ever. It inspired me and made me think. Actually, I haven't stopped thinking about it. There are just so many cool things out there; how can I be expected to keep my list to only five? I can't. …
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★FitStars: Olympic Beach Volleyball Player Misty May-Treanor

All that training sure helps Misty May-Treanor on the court!

Oooh, we are getting all Olympics crazed up in here! Not only are the Summer Olympic games fun to watch, but they are super-duper inspiring. Case in point: Misty May-Treanor. A two-time gold medalist, and currently the winningest female beach volleyball player with 110 individual championship wins …
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Finding a Lifelong Love

I ran a 5K at a golf course a couple of weeks ago, and when I walked inside to grab my post-race $1 beer (hey, if that's not incentive to hurry across the finish line, what is?), I was surprised to see one of the girls I used to coach serving the drinks. When I was her club volleyball coach, she was …
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